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All about javascript

A long time ago (1999-2000 I think) I wrote a, relatively, huge javascript library for a web-application that never happened. A lot of the work in that library was creating code that could be used cross-browser consistently, including some widgets.

These days my Javascript work is mostly doing some small scripting and changes here and there, but I'm thinking of getting more into Javascript again as it seems to be a necessity for a lot of web applications today.

Thankfully there are frameworks and libraries out there that take a lot of the work out of creating advanced things today, guess I'll have to dig around to find the framework that works best.

I like the idea of a Python interpreter in Javascript (Skulpt comes to mind:, but after all this time, I think Javascript has its charm. Besides, adding a "translation layer" on top of a language has some overhead and some quirks of its own. On the other hand, a unified "Python frontend" to browser development that eats up the inconsistencies between browser implementations *could* be really sweet.

Oh well, enough daydreaming.. now back to doing something that pays the bills.

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