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An old joke

So, a long time ago I heard a joke about rather black people..

Here in the south of Spain, there are quite a bit of African people going around in beaches, restaurants etc. typically selling watches, sunglasses etc.

I guess some are immigrants, others like one we met yesterday are here for periods working and then at home.

Anyway, this guy we met yesterday came to our table while we were eating out late and it was quite dark. This gentleman selling was also quite dark, so the eyes and teeth become a contrast in the dark..

I a bit amuzingly rendered an old anecdote and the joke of what to do if robbed by a gang of black men in a dark tunnel (tell a joke and hit foe the teeth).

I thought a bit about it today and wondered if it was racistic to tell the joke; but I don't feel like it is.

These guys selling watches are 'cold call' sellers, and I can respect the honest hustle of selling things to make a living.

The guy who sold watches yesterday had a big family bacl in Africa, and was 6 months here and 6 in Africa every year.

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