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Ring, ring

So I decided to go for a walk today, getting back on the fitness track. Ate a salad for lunch, and started walking.

I was walking and daydreaming about this and that (to the tune of the phone rang, which has the trololo tune as the ringtone.

It was Stig, and while we talked business I could hear the short beep for an incoming SMS message.

After talking to Stig I could see the message was from the answering machine service, and I called to check.

It was my "interviewer" from the TOP project, and I had tried to get in touch with her several times last week to get a copy of the report.

Oh well, all is well. Some minutes later I had to burp and out came 3 small chunks at high velocity from the lunch as well. You'd think the reflex is to stop burping, but I went on and 3 came flying out.

Anyway, eventful day. This evening we're rounding off the visit to Oslo by having some XO cognac and Cuban cigars.

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